SEO Keywords for your Business


Choosing the right keywords for your business isn’t just a good idea – it’s essential.

The reason why it is so important is because your target clients are already on the internet, searching and looking for your product.  If they find a competitor first, you have lost.  If someone goes to your site but their interest (keyword search) doesn’t match your site, then you have lost again.

Ranking for the right keywords that perfectly match your product and position you in the right place against your competition is priceless.

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Product Description

We help you find the winning keywords for your business

This package provides you with actionable information to improve your Search Engine Rankings on Google, Yahoo! and Bing by finding the best keywords for your business. You know this is important, but maybe you are frustrated by all the fake SEO (Search Engine Optimization) spam emails you get saying “#1 rank guaranteed”?

Here is a great way to point your business in the right direction and start getting more free Search Engine traffic:

1. A detailed report of current keywords used in your website and your competitors, and where you rank against them.

2. A brainstorming call with your team to determine what keywords are the best fit for your unique products or services.

3. Detailed keyword research to identify 8-10 “sweet spot” terms that are high volume and the right fit for your company – these keywords may take you some time and effort to rank for, but once you do, the volume of targeted traffic for your business will be huge.

4. Detailed keyword research to identify 80-100 “long tail” terms that are an exact laser match for your company, and that you can rank very quickly for.  These are great for quick wins and starting your SEO efforts.

5. An action plan telling you exactly how to pursue your “sweet spot” and “long tail” keywords – including detailed instructions for what to do on your website, on social media, and in your PR, content and SEO efforts.

This package provides an invaluable foundational baseline for your business to start improving your SEO rank and organic traffic.


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